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Why Upgrade Your Home Security System

Why Upgrade Your Home Security System

If your existing home security system is more than a few years old you are at risk to what is called a “Crash and Smash Attack”.  Basically a burglar entering your home can disable your older home security system by smashing its alarm panel before the monitoring center is advised of a break-in.  Here is what happens:
  • A burglar kicks in your back door. Your security system starts beeping and counting down for 30, 45 or 60 seconds giving you time to walk to your control panel and disarm the alarm system. Unfortunately your security system doesn’t know the difference between a burglar and you walking in, so it treats a burglar just like you and waits the time delay before the siren goes off. Residential doors are usually easy to kick in unless you have a reinforced door frame.
  • A burglar uses the time delay to quickly search your home for the alarm panel. They usually find the main alarm panel in the first or second place they look.  First they check the basement and if it’s not there they’ll check the closets. That leaves a burglar 10 – 20 seconds to destroy the alarm panel and disable the security system.
  • A burglar destroys the alarm panel before the entry delay countdown runs out. Older home security systems don’t call to alert the police until after this entry delay countdown has run out and the siren is going off. If the burglar successfully destroys or disables the security system before the entry delay countdown is up then the alarm will not call and alert the police. Your older home security alarm is now useless.
The Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system offers protection against a Crash and Smash attack.  Rather than waiting for the entry delay countdown to finish, the wireless security system sends out a signal immediately as soon as the entry door is opened saying “an entry door has just been opened, stand by for a disarm confirmation”.   If the security system doesn’t follow up by sending a disarm confirmation signal then we assume a burglar has destroyed your alarm panel and issue a crash and smash alarm signal to the central monitoring station who will then follow the normal burglary alarm protocol and dispatch the police if necessary.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.nexushomesecurity24.com/

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