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Bedroom Safety For Seniors

Bedroom Safety For Seniors

For Senior Citizens, the bedroom is where you don’t want to move too quickly, as it can prove hazardous to your health. Many falls occur at night when you get out of bed half-asleep to make a nocturnal trip to the bathroom. NEXUS Home Security offers some safety tips to get you through the night without any bumps or bruises.
Take Your Time – When you feel that sense of urgency to get to the bathroom, take a few moments to sit up rather then jumping right out of bed.  For many seniors on medications that cause fluctuations in blood pressure (e.g., hypertension) the sudden change from sitting to standing causes a drop in blood pressure. This can result in your lost of balance and fall. Take a few moments to let your legs dangle on the edge of the bed in a sitting position before standing up.
Turn On the Light - Try keeping a light by your bed to turn on before getting up.  If you’re afraid of waking your other half use a night-light when you were very much younger. A pitch-black room is just asking for trouble, even when you are wide awake.
Keep the Walkway Clear - Always make sure that, before you go to sleep, you have an uncluttered pathway to the bathroom.   Keep your pair of nonskid slippers nearby for better footing.
If You Can’t Wait – For those who simply can’t get to the bathroom in time, there are ways of avoiding embarrassing accidents. Men can use a urinal pan to keep at the bedside and empty in the morning so that they only have to stand up and move a short distance. An alternative is a  bedside commode that you can place right next to the bed during the night and put away in a closet during the day.
Staying Safe – Unfortunately falls may still happen, but you can rest easy with the help of a medical alert system. With Nexus Home Security Senior Medical Alert package you can send for help at any time and place within your home, whether a burglary, fire or medical emergency, even if you’re unable to push the help button.
Your home should be as “fall-proof” as possible.  Follow these senior safety guidelines to do your best to avoid mishaps during the night.

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