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Home Security and Video Monitoring

Home Security and Video Monitoring

Our homes are where we strive to feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, home burglaries do happen with increasing frequency – one out of every six homes is broken into, every 14.5 seconds in the US.  When this happens it affects our ability to feel comfortable in our home. The walls of our castle have been breached and our sense of protection has been lost.  For many, the only alternative is to leave the neighborhood for a new home.  However, many homeowners are taking measures to protect their families and homes from burglaries before they happen by installing a wireless home security system with video monitoring features.
Video monitoring systems have significantly evolved from analog camera surveillance systems with VCR tape backup.  Today video monitoring systems are digital, wireless, use either Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or the Internet “cloud” for video storage, offer high resolution image capture, and ease of use software applications for access via the Internet (computer or tablet) and smart-phone.    A video monitoring system allows you to keep an eye on your house while at work or when traveling, or while your children are home alone. You have the ability to view them remotely from any computer with an Internet connection, no matter where you are in the world. No more calling to see if everything is okay, now you can see for yourself.  There however is no substitute for the telephone call to let the children know that Mom or Dad are thinking of them…
Home Security – Interviews with burglars indicate that just the mere presence of a video camera on your property will reduce the likelihood of a burglary.  Burglars look for easy, unprotected targets whenever possible.  In the event that something suspicious happens in your home, the video monitoring system (by either motion sensor detection or out of pre-established usage schedule) will record the incident and save the digital video clip on a secure server. This provides video evidence to help identify a burglar and lead to arrest and prosecution. Also, a home security video monitoring system can send email or text alert notifications to your smart-phone if the cameras detect motion outside designated areas of your home such as first-floor windows, back-door, liquor cabinet, etc.
Loved Ones – Another benefit of video monitoring is the ability to check in with loved ones throughout the day. You can use your computer, tablet or smart-phone to see live footage of your pets, your children or other relatives/guests in your home. If you have an elderly relative that does not respond to your telephone call, you can remotely view video to determine whether there might be a medical emergency that requires your attention.  If you hire a babysitter for the evening, you can check in with your video monitoring system to make sure everything is as it should be. Depending upon the video monitoring system and type of camera you can remotely zoom and tilt the camera to adjust the field of view if needed.  A camera placed with a view of your front door entry also tracks loved ones’ entrances and exits, so you can receive a smart-phone alert every time your kids arrive home from school or your spouse arrives from work.
Protecting Children – Small children often get into areas where they should not be, such as medicine cabinets, gun safes or unsupervised outdoor pools. One of the benefits of home video monitoring is the ability to place cameras in areas of your home that are off-limits to children. When those security cameras pick up motion, you receive a smart-phone notification. This gives you time to stop your children from venturing into certain areas of your home by contacting a close by adult.
Outdoor Monitoring – If you want to keep an eye on the children while they play in the backyard, a home video monitoring system is very helpful.  Using an outdoor security camera (generally more expense due to the elements), you can watch your children play outdoors while you stay indoors. By providing a constant view of what’s going on around your home, outdoor video cameras also help you investigate “unusual noises” in the night without having to go outside and put yourself at risk.
Building A Smart Home – A wireless home security system, combined with video monitoring, provides the platform for smart home automation.  When combined with wireless digital door locks, digital thermostat and lighting/appliance control modules, and home control software, you have an affordable, complete family security and home automation system.  For example, if you have a cleaning crew coming to clean your home while you are at work, use your wireless home security system to identify them when they arrive at your door. Then, use your wireless door lock feature to remotely unlock the door, let the crew in and lock it behind them.  If you are on vacation, turn the lights on and off using your smart-phone, to give your home the aspect it is occupied.
The combination of wireless home security, video monitoring and home control provides an economical solution to protect your family and home from the risks of the outside world, whether you are with your loved ones or away. All of these factors will help you achieve one simple goal – keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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