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Reasons People Purchase A Home Security System

Reasons People Purchase A Home Security System

Many people take for granted the security of their family and home until something unexpected happens.  It doesn´t matter where you live, what type of house, how well you have everything “locked down”, have a dog, a gun, participate in a neighborhood watch program, etc. — burglaries, fire and medical emergencies can occur at any day or time, whether you are at home or not.  Waiting until something bad happens is never the best option.
NEXUS Home Security 24 offers you some great reasons to be proactive and install a home security system to reduce the chance of the “unexpected”:
Protect Against A Burglary – If there is a burglary in your neighborhood, you should consider getting a home security system installed as soon as possible. Burglars will target the same neighborhood more than once. If it worked once, it will likely work again.  So, if you hear about a neighbor’s house being broken into, time to get a home security system installed right away.
Protect Against A Fire – Fires happen and they are never planned or anticipated.  Your house should have fire detectors installed and maintained.  They will alert you of a fire emergency if you are home.  A wireless home security system can be connected to your existing smoke detectors to work more effectively AND advise you when you are not at home of a fire emergency. When the smoke is detected, the fire department will be alerted automatically by the monitoring response personnel, 7×24.
New Home: Protect Your Investment –  New residents are often the most common targets for burglary. No matter how quickly you move in, or how fast you get situated, folks on your block might see the valuables you’re bringing into the house. Even if you take extra measures to move your possessions in through the back or side door, if someone is watching (a.k.a looking for their next target) they’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s inside. Given this reason, it’s highly suggested that you invest in a security system when you move into your new place.
Protect Your Family – Single-family homes are one of the most common types of homes broken into. Why? Well, for several hours during the day, the house is generally empty since you’re likely at work and the kids are at school. That said, your house is easily susceptible to a break-in as there are no deterrents.
If a security system is installed, however, you can keep tabs on your home when you aren’t there. In the case of a break-in, security systems will often send out an alert to your smartphone and often times to the authorities as well. Regardless of whether you’re home or not, you can take comfort in knowing that there’s some sort of watchful eye.
Carbon Monoxide – You might not think you have to worry about carbon monoxide in your home, but it’s something that everyone needs to be aware of! Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that can kill you if it becomes too concentrated. What makes it even more dangerous is that it’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless. In the United States, it contributes to a couple thousand deaths every year. It displaces oxygen in the air, and you could essentially suffocate without ever knowing it. Even if the levels of CO are not high enough to cause death, too much CO inside your home means extremely poor air quality – which is bad for your health. A security system that includes a CO sensor can alert you (and the proper authorities) if there’s a CO leak in you home.
If you’ve never had anything go wrong or you’ve never felt unsafe in your home, it may feel difficult to justify installing a security system. However, terrible and unpredictable things can happen to you at some point. Rather than install a security system after the fact, it’s better to consider installing one now before anything does happen

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