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Reasons For Growth in Home Security Installations

Reasons For Growth in Home Security Installations

Americans are increasingly installing wireless security systems for their homes.  Home burglary is one of the most common property crimes and victims experience a very real sense of violation when they discover that a break-in has occurred.
Around 20% of homes in America have security systems and this percentage is expected to increase over the next five years.   Increased awareness of crime may be one factor driving this increase, but there are also other factors too.  For example, many home security systems also include fire alarm and medical assistance response that many home owners find justify the investment in a home alarm system.  Here are additional reasons more Americans will be installing home security systems in coming years:
  1. Technology Improvements – Wireless sensor, video and digital technology is making monitored home security systems more effective. As the technologies mature and costs decline, more people have access to wireless home security systems.
  1. Affordability – As technology has advanced, home security systems have become more affordable. A generation or two ago, they were only for the well-to-do.  Nexus Home Security offers you a variety of home alarm systems to accommodate your needs.
  1. Homeowners Have Changed – The nuclear family (two parents, two children and a dog or cat) has evolved considerably with time. Now a household may consist of a single parent and children, parents with a grandparent, a single-person, empty nesters, retired couples and other variations.  Each type of household benefits from a home security system given the flexibility and range of benefits offered.
  1. Family Life is Busier – Families, whatever the profile, have outside commitments that obligate them to leave their home unattended for periods of time. Whether it is work, school, social activities, doctor visits, vacations, etc., it can be a challenge to ensure your home is “locked” tight and protected from burglary and fire.  A home security system provides a level of control (inside and out) that provides family peace of mind.
  1. Increased Crime – Burglaries take place all the time. A home security system, with visible signage and stickers are a deterrent to burglars where they are more likely to look for a more “convenient” house to visit.

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