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Protect Your Pet

Protect Your Pet

If you are a pet owner your favorite type (dog, cat, bird, iguana) reflects many aspects of your persona and family environment.  Maybe your home is full of kids of various ages, maybe it´s just you and your spouse or perhaps you’re a single.  In most instances you and your family couldn´t imagine living without your pet.  Researchers have studied the effects pets have on humans and determined that pets can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, lower rates of depression and even better physical health.
Last year in the US pet owners spent almost $51 billion on their pets. This includes food, toys, medical expenses and related accessories, including visits to “pet spas”. There is a great variation on what a pet owner views as important for their pet.
What else should a pet owner do to show his/her pet how much they are loved?   Protect them.
A pet can encounter quite a few dangers when living in a house.  You need to know that they are safe even when you are away from home.
Fire Safety – In case of a fire, a Nexus Home Security 24 wireless home security system with fire monitoring will ensure that the fire department comes to rescue your pets. Place stickers on your doors and windows to alert rescue workers that there are pets which need rescuing.
Pet Proofing – Thousands of pets end up in the veterinarian’s office each year because they have eaten something (food or an object) which has made them sick. You need to pet-proof your home and find anything that can be harmful to your cat or dog, and put it in a safe location. A Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system will also help keep your home safe without wires that a dog or cat might chew.
Video – When you are not home you can check in on your pet and see what “really goes on” while you are away. Video cameras that allow you to watch live video from your smartphone or computer are a great way to watch when you are away from home.
All pets require time, money, protection and attention. With notifications, alerts, monitoring, and video cameras, a Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system can help you protect your pet as a normal part of your daily life.

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