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Keep Your Family Safe

Keep Your Family Safe

We all need to know that our children are safe and sound when we tuck them into bed at night. A burglary or home invasion is frightening to think about, but home security doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.
Whether you are home or away, with some basic planning you can easily create a secure home where your family will be safe.  If you use proven crime deterrents and practice smart security habits each day, the Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system is an easy way to use technology to prevent burglary and avoid crime.   Also, your family is protected from fire and carbon monoxide or medical emergency, because safety threats can come from anywhere.
Families come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how big or small yours is, protecting those that you love should be your highest priority. Knowing that your home is protected, day or night, whether you are there or not, with rapid response in the event of an emergency is a priceless benefit to you and the people you love.
Moms and Dads – Moms and Dads don’t always get enough credit. We know how hard you work to provide for your family and a Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system will make your job a little bit easier. You can control and monitor your home’s security and your family’s safety from the office, when you are doing errands or anywhere in the world using the free iPhone and Android apps.
The Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system offers more than home protection. It can also help you to manage your busy life, through text alerts and email reminders that you can set up for yourself and everyone that depends on you. Our interactive mobile access gives you the ability to control your home security and your life through the free iPhone and Android apps. You’ll never have to worry about whether you remembered to arm your system or whether you children are home ever again.

Single Parents – There are many challenges that arise when you raise your children alone. Most single parents rely on their support system of friends, relatives and neighbors for the safety and security of your children. A Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system helps you to have as many people as you need into your security plan and to keep everyone informed at all times.

Maybe a relative watches your child before school and your neighbor babysits in the afternoon. Our wireless security system allows you to keep track of who is entering and leaving your home, and send you alerts and updates. If you have teenagers, you can set up an alert that is sent to you and your neighbor if your children don’t walk in the door by a specified time. You’ll never wonder about where your children are or if they are safe and your support system will always be there as backup.
Active Seniors – You may live alone, with your children or in a retirement community.  You may have medical and mobility limitations that require additional assistance and support. A Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system helps provide you the backup services you need to maintain your lifestyle and perhaps most important, keychain remote and control panel feature a panic button so you can get help immediately during a home or medical emergency.

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