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Factors To Consider In Selecting A Home Security System

Factors To Consider In Selecting A Home Security System

In these uncertain times, protecting your home and family should be your number one priority.  In the time it takes you to read this article, 20 or more homes will be robbed. The emotional and financial impact of these home violations on families is incalculable.
The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association has reported that homes without security systems are three times more likely to experience burglar break-ins. That’s why installing the best home security system you can find is so important.
Older, more traditional home alarm systems are hard-wired in your home. A technician has to come to your house and install the wires into your walls or baseboard, a messy and time consuming process.  These wires are connected to your land line telephone, which means your home security system can be easily disabled with just a pair of wire cutters.
You should take advantage of latest technology – a Nexus Home Security 24 wireless security system with built-in layers of back-up that provide your home a security system that is very difficult for any potential burglar or home intruder to defeat.
Here are some factors to consider in your selection of a home security system:
Fast monitoringThis is critical in the event of a home invasion or a medical emergency. Be sure the alarm system company you choose has Five Diamond Security Certification for its monitoring service. That way, you know you’re covered in any emergency situation, 7 x 24.
FlexibilityYour needs change and so do the needs of your family. Your home security system should have the technology to be flexible to these changes.  If you move, can you take your security system with you and set it up in your new home under the same service contract?
Level of Protection – Does your home security system offer protection against burglary, fire and medical emergencies?  Will your home security system survive a Crash and Smash attack by a burglar?  Basically a burglar entering your home can disable your older home security system by smashing its alarm panel before the monitoring center is advised of a break-in.  What happens to your home security system if you lose electricity or Internet?
Customer support – If you have questions how to operate you home security system after installation can you get the support you need?
Ease of Access – Your home security system needs to protect your home while you are there and when you are at work, at school, doing errands and when you are on traveling.  Since you and your family may be connected via smart phones, notebooks and tablets, your home security system needs to be accessible to you remotely.  You should have the flexibility to arm and disarm your system, monitor activities, receive alerts of changes and view video from your home.
GuaranteeWhat is covered during the term of your contract?  Parts, labor, software upgrades?
Reputation – Review the home security system company, products and services before you decide..

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