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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Security

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Security

Now that you have your NEXUS Home Security system installed, here is a list of DIY home security projects to help deter and prevent unwanted guests from getting into your home.
  1. Check Outdoor Landscaping – Overgrown trees and bushes are great for sneaking around. They allow trespassers ample hiding space and the opportunity for cover if and when they break into your home. If you have trees with heavy branches that stick out close to an unsecured window on a second floor, you might be giving intruders a way in. Take inventory of your landscaping, and trim all overgrown bushes and trees that surround your property and around your home.
  1. Keep the Garage Door Closed – Your garage is the safe house for some of your most expensive items: your cars, toolsets, yard tools and more. When you leave the garage door open, you are inviting outsiders to come in and take whatever they want.  So make sure that you always keep the garage door shut when you’re away from home or getting ready for bed at night. You can also lock the overhead door shut at night by putting a padlock into the holes of the sliding train.
  1. Secure Entries To Your Home – Sliding doors and windows might lock, but those locking mechanisms generally aren’t made to withstand a lot of force. You can add some extra security that will help keep these types of entry points secured. Auxiliary foot locks will help keep patio doors shut and secure or at a minimum a horizontal metal bar. For your front and back entry doors, consider reinforcing the strike plates by putting in longer, more durable screws.
  1. Motion Activated Lights – Darkness is an ally of anyone attempted to enter your home. Minimize the darkness and minimize the risk of unwanted entry.  Install motion-activated lights that shine on key areas: open yards, front doors, back doors, windows and garage doors. Essentially, you want to shine light on any entrance point or open area of your property. Even if an intruder does walk up to your home, they’ll likely retreat quickly once they activate the lights.
  1. Fool Intruders – There are limits and budget as to what you can do to protect your home. You can install fake security cameras around your home for a higher deterrence factor. When a potential burglar sees the cameras, they’re likely going to be intimidated and they’ll just as likely leave your property quickly. You might also benefit from “Beware of Dog” signs, fake TV lights, and more. Deterrence is all about fooling intruders and keeping them from thinking your place is a good place to break-in.

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