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Home Security System Motion Sensors

Home Security System Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are often a major part of most home security systems, as they can track suspicious movements and changes in a room’s environment. While motion sensors are quite helpful, they often come with an array of different questions. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive concerning motion sensors:

  1. Why Motion Sensors False Alarms? – Alarm system motion sensors can sometimes be set off by sudden bursts of air or sound from a heater vent or furnace. Window blinds and curtains within range of the sensor can also set it off if they move. E.g., if you have a window open or the air on, blinds and curtains may move with a breeze. If they move too much, your motion sensor will become suspicious and react. If you’ve made adjustments to any moving objects in a room and are still experiencing false detections, a technician may be need to adjust your equipment.

  1. How Much Area Does a Motion Sensor Cover? – Alarm system motion sensors can normally see out to thirty feet. To ensure you get the most out of a single motion sensor unit, they should be placed in ceiling corners so that they can use their 90-degree sweeping angle to keep an eye on the entire room. For rooms larger than thirty feet, we may suggest using multiple sensors to give your home the best protection

  1. How Do I Test a Motion Sensor? – It is most convenient if your home is empty before beginning. The room(s) where there are motion sensors should be closed/empty.  Arm your home security system.  Wait 3-5 minutes to allow the motion sensors to register heat signatures and large items in the room.  Now your alarm system should be armed and the motion sensors adjusted.  Now to test the motion sensor, simply walk into the room where it is located.  If working, the sensor will recognize your movements and sound the alarm.

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