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Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen Safety Tips

The kitchen is one of the most busy and dangerous rooms in the house. Electric appliances, sharp knives, open flames, hot ovens and the potential for food contamination provide many opportunities for people to experience accidents in the kitchen. But with some common sense, there are ways that you can make sure that your kitchen is safe and efficient. Nexus Home Security 24 offers some basic tips to increase the safety of your kitchen
  1. Wash Your Hands Before Preparing Food – Do this before and after handling food, especially raw meat, which can easily contaminate other food or kitchen surfaces.
  2. Separate Raw From Cooked Foods – To avoid contaminating raw food, like vegetables and dairy products, keep them separate from cooked foods. Remember your hands touch everything in the kitchen.
  3. Keep Your Work Area Clean – Clean your counters, cutting boards, stove top regularly to clear away crumbs and liquids that could attract pests. Always be sure to wipe up after cooking meat.
  4. Don’t Wear Dangling Jewelry Or Clothing - Necklaces and bracelets can get caught around pot handles, which could send the boiling contents flying. Loose clothing and hanging sleeves could also catch on fire.
  5. Don’t Leave Perishable Foods Out – To avoid the growth of bacteria, remember to put foods that require refrigeration, like meat, dairy products opened containers, etc., back into the fridge or freezer. Cooked items are left to cool before being placed in the fridge. Don´t leave them out until the next morning..
  6. Don´t Use Appliances Near Sink Or Stove – Avoid electrical shocks from appliance cords near water sources or excess heat. Also don´t plug too many appliances in a single outlet to avoid an overload and electric short/fire.
  7. Turn Pot/Pan Handles Toward The Back Of Stove. When you are not using the pot or pan, turn the handle away from you (back of the stove) to avoid bumping or having curious children grabbing them and inadvertently spilling, burning or starting a fire.
  8. Use A Frying Screen. When you’re cooking something in a pan with grease, a frying screen will prevent the hot grease from spattering. If the grease in a pan ever catches on fire, have the lid on hand to extinguish the flames.
  9. Supervise ChildrenWhenever children are in the kitchen, you should be there to supervise them, especially when you or they are cooking or baking. Keep anything dangerous, like matches, knives or other sharp tools, in places where your kids can’t reach them. If you must leave the kitchen (e.g., answer the door, turn off the TV), review and think before leaving children and cooking items unattended.  It is a bad mix..
  10. Don´t Use Metal In Toaster and Microwave - Never put anything made of metal into the toaster or microwave. This could cause an electric shock or a fire.

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