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Basic Emergency Kit List

Basic Emergency Kit List

Nexus Home Security 24 offers some basic suggestions in case of an emergency:  the home emergency kit.  Build up your kit as time allows to protect your family when the unexpected happens:
  1. Water – The most basic of items. You should budget one gallon of water per person per day.  Plan on three days as a minimum.
  2. Food – Nonperishable, canned, dry, easy to prepare items. If you have teenagers, plan on double the amount!
  3. Can Opener/Utility Tool – Not all canned foods have “easy opening” tops. A utility tool offers:  knife, screwdriver, pliers, cutter, etc.
  4. Metal pot and dishes – You may need to heat up food on an open flame.
  5. Rechargeable batters and Charger – Many of your basic devices need a power source. Have different battery types.  When you do get/find electricity use the charger.
  6. Radio – In an emergency, your radio will provide you access to the outside world. It may be powered by battery, hand crank or solar.  It would also be helpful to have a two-way radio to keep in contact with your family members.
  7. Flashlight – You need to see when the lights go out and there is no power.
  8. Candles/Matches – When you need to start a fire and when the lights go out.
  9. Tools – Some basic tools will help to get some jobs done: metal bar, hatchet, adjustable wrench, hammer, etc.
  10. Blankets – Keep out the cold and wind in an emergency. Have at least one for each family member.  Think about some plastic sheets/tarp for wind and rain.
  11. Medical Kit – There are basic items, plus what your family uses on a daily basis. Have seven days worth.
  12. Cash – In an emergency don´t expect to have access to banks and the use of your credit cards. Have several hundred in small bills to purchase or exchange with others.
  13. Maps/Compass – If you need to “bug-out” you can´t rely on GPS to guide you.
  14. Cell Phone Charger – When you find a power source you can charge your cell phone to contact your family (assuming the cell network is working).
  15. A Whistle – To call for attention to rescue personnel, this gets attention fast.
  16. Duct Tape – This can fix or repair just about anything in an emergency.
  17. Warm Clothing – Unless you live in the tropics your family may need to deal with cold weather. Hats, socks, gloves, coats, etc.
  18. Flare Gun – An alternative to your whistle when you need to attract rescue crews from a greater distance.
  19. Entertainment Item – You and the family may be isolated for hours or days.  Have some items that do not require a power source:  books, playing cards, board games, etc.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.nexushomesecurity24.com/

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