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Keeping An Eye On Elderly Parents

Keeping An Eye On Elderly Parents

It is an adult child’s worst nightmare when an elderly parent dies or is injured at home. Our parents looked after us when we were young, and it is our responsibility to look after them during their golden years. It’s natural for us to want to take care of our parents, particularly when they are living alone. One way to help protect them is with a NEXUS Home Security Senior Medical alert system.
The Senior Medical alert system offers the latest technology to provide 7×24 assistance by remote monitoring for medical problems, as well as burglary, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Is it worth it to monitor your senior parents at home using the Senior Medical alert system with 24-hour monitoring? It’s a reliable and affordable way to help your parents remain in their home longer without unnecessarily risking their safety while respecting their privacy.
Medical Emergency Monitoring  - Each year, approximately one-third of all seniors over the age of 65 suffer accidental falls at home. These falls at home can be deadly for seniors.  Rapid medical assistance is key.  One of the best features of the NEXUS Home Security Senior Medical alert system is the ability to quickly provide help for your parents in the event of a medical emergency, and at the same time, notify you via text on your smartphone.  You get to stay informed, wherever and whenever.  Your parents can get help from the monitoring center by either using the easy push button control panel or via the emergency medical remote pendant.  Help is just a push button away.
Burglary, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring The NEXUS Home Security Senior Medical alert system also provide 7×24 hour monitoring of burglary, fire and carbon monoxide. Fire and carbon monoxide poisoning affects seniors because of limited mobility and senses.  Preventing deaths and injuries during these kinds of emergencies is a matter of getting help to the scene as quickly as possible. At the first sign of any fire or carbon monoxide alarm, monitoring personnel can contact local authorities so they can be dispatched to the scene.
Where burglary is concerned, seniors unfortunately are targeted because they are the most vulnerable members of adult society. Not only do they risk personal loss and potential injury, but the terrifying nature of a burglary can also have long-lasting effects.
First, burglars are more likely to pass by a home they know is alarmed and monitored. Second, home monitoring for burglary can get police involved much more quickly in the event a home is breached. You want the police dispatched to your parent’s home as quickly as possible after a burglar alarm. Their personal safety may depend on how quickly police arrive.
Our parents sacrificed to give us good lives when we were young; we owe it to them to protect their health and well-being as seniors. The NEXUS Home Security Senior Medical alert system will provide your parents 7×24 hour protection and you peace of mine, even when you can´t be with them.

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