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Tips To Keep Your Children Safe At Home

Tips To Keep Your Children Safe At Home

If you have children in your family, it is important to consider their health as part of the safety of your home.  Does your home provide a safe environment that lets your children grow, have fun, and learn without exposing them to out of the ordinary risk?
NEXUS Home Security 24 offers you some tips on how home child safety:
  1. Keep Dangerous Products Out Of Reach – Children are naturally infected with curiosity. That is a natural part of their learning process.  What may seem to an adult as an “ordinary thing” around the house, from a child´s perspective, may pose a potential threat.  Kitchen items such as knives, forks, scissors, cleaners, etc. should be kept out of reach or locked in a cabinet.  The bathroom, with all its medications should be stored away from the young and curious.  Remember that children learn quickly and may use stools or climb counters to get something that is of interest.  You can´t child-proof your entire home, but there are obvious things you can do to minimize temptations.
  2. Bed SafetySuffocating during sleep is a risk for babies. To minimize this, make sure that your children’s beds are as bare as possible. Other than that “special doll”, keep stuffed animals, blankets and pillows to a minimum, reducing the chance that their face may be blocked or they may swallow something. When it is cold, have your children wear warm pajamas to bed to minimize the need for blankets, and tuck those in so that they don’t reach above your children’s chests.
  3. Keep Away From Electricity – Electrical outlets are at eye level when children are moving about the home, whether crawling or walking. To avoid the risk of electric shock, you should place plastic outlet covers over electric outlets to prevent them from putting objects into the sockets.  Remember they are curious and will attempt to do this.  For electrical devices plugged in, make sure that wires are tucked away safely and that no exposed wires are present. For your young “kitchen helpers”, teach them never to put metal objects into a toaster or microwave.
  4. Beware Of Water and Children Alone – Water can be a drowning hazard, whether a full sink, a toilet, a pool or a bathtub. It is NEVER okay to leave young children alone around water.  If your children are going to play or be near water, supervise them and if you need to leave for any short time, take them with you.  Remember young children can drown in one inch of water!
  1. Teach What To Do In An Emergency – You should have easily understood family safety plan in the event of an emergency. You need to make sure that your children know it well.  Teach them how to call 911 and tell them what to say to the operator in a variety of circumstances

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