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Home Security While On Vacation

Home Security While On Vacation

According to the FBI, 75% of US burglaries during 2011 were residential.  The average “take” by these residential burglaries was an average of $2,185.  The prevalence of burglaries and other crimes pose a threat to the safety of your family and home.
When you are traveling, whether for business or vacation, your home is at greater risk if left alone.  Nexus Home Security 24 suggests the following tips to safeguard your home and possessions:
  1. Install a Home Security System – A NEXUS Home Security system will provide round-the-clock monitoring services that will deter potential intruders from targeting your home. Additionally with a wireless alarm system your home will benefit from fire protection and you will be able to using your smartphone remotely be advised of any events that require your attention.
  1. Hire a House Sitter – With a house sitter, your home will not only be watched more carefully, but it will be used, which is key to keeping burglars at bay. If you have pets, a sitter can take them for walks, feed them and provide care while you’re away. If you’re unable to find a trusted and reliable sitter in time, you should reach out to neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your home, adding another level of home safety when you’re on vacation.
  1. Use Timers – Keeping the lights in your home on and off at opportune times creates the impression that your home is occupied. A potential burglar is looking for the least risky house to break and enter – an empty one.
  1. Keep the Driveway Full – When a driveway is empty, it seems like no one is around. To overcome this problem, encourage your neighbors to park their cars in your driveway. Have them also pick up the mail, newspaper, etc.
  1. Keep Temptations Out Of Sight – Hide or lock up your valuable possessions, keeping them out of the view of potential thieves.

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