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Home Security and Automation

Home Security and Automation

If you are considering investing in a wireless home security system it is worthwhile to consider a future need of home automation and control.  With the selection of a flexible wireless home security system and your smart phone, you have the basic platform for the control and automation of your home.  Literally from the palm of your hand (i.e., your smart phone), whether home or away, you will be able to control your home´s security access, climate control, illumination and energy usage.  This means you get:
  • Peace of mind knowing your family and home are secure, no matter where you are
  • Save money by reducing your energy costs easily, with no sacrifice
  • Convenience and piece of mind, one button to “shut down” your home when you leave
  • Security knowing you’ll receive an alert if there is any trouble at home, burglary, fire, water, an unusual event
There are several factors to keep in mind in selecting your home security and control system. Of most importance, the system should best reflect you and your family´s needs.  The home security and control system should offer a high level of function, ease of use, flexibility, compatibility, and peripheral support. The possibilities for home automation are limited only by your budget, time and imagination.
Listed below are various controlled systems of an automated home and benefits:
  1. Security System – Whether the door, window, motion detector or video sensor, fire detector, all are connected as part of the wireless home security system and controllable home or away. Receive alerts of changes, adjust programming, arm or disarm, customize access permissions, etc.
  2. Thermostats – Automatically adjust your home thermostats based on schedules and patterns for comfort and energy savings. Precise temperature control provides better comfort and fewer temperature swings. You can also create lockouts to keep temperature limited to a minimum or maximum setting.  A change in schedule when you and the family are out?  Remotely make an adjustment.
  3. Lighting – Turn select indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically every time you arm or disarm your security system. Tell your system to turn one set of lights on 30 minutes before you get home from work and turn another off an hour after you’ve gone to bed. You can program scenes and schedules for ambience and security, and control your lights from any remote location.
  4. Access – Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. Control your door locks and garage door.  No longer do you leave the door key under the mat, or not know whether you children arrived home from school safely.  Did the kids forget their keys?  Remotely determine the status of your doors and open and close as needed.  Get an electronic alert if you or your family forgot to lock a door or the garage.
  5. Appliances – The coffee maker, electric fans, entertainment system and others are part of our daily lives and all use energy. Control their pattern of use and if away from home, simulate the presence of people at home.
When you are evaluating home automation systems, you should ensure that the system you select can control the devices in your home to your satisfaction.  NEXUS Home Security recommends due to its flexibility, compatibility with third party device manufactures and seamless integration with our wireless home security mobile control system.  It’s important to remember that you might also need to purchase equipment from third-party manufacturers as well, depending upon your home´s unique needs.

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