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Tips For Senior Caregivers

Tips For Senior Caregivers

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Whether its your parents or close friend, caregiving duties for a senior citizen can be challenging given the balance of personal commitments and obligations of every day life.   NEXUS Home Security offers tips for communicating with a senior to help you stay in touch with your loved one during the day..
Email - If you have access to the Internet, Email is a great way to keep in touch with your senior. Spend some time teaching him/her how to send and receive Emails and have your senior practice by exchanging a few with you and other family members. It takes a few moments to send a brief Email, but it’s the emotional connection.  Your senior will appreciate it and will have another way to tell you how his/her life is going at that moment. If your senior will find it easier to see, adjust the type font of his/her computer or tablet.
Pick Up the Telephone  – There is never a substitute for the human voice.  It may be old-fashioned, but the telephone call is still hard to beat and doesn’t require any special training. Whether your senior loved one prefers the regular landline or is comfortable with a smartphone it is a great way to keep in touch, and find out if there’s anything needed while you’re away. Try setting up prearranged times to talk to give your loved one a sense of routine.
Technology - If your senior loved one likes texting, you can keep this line of communication open when convenient for you. If your senior will be using a mobile telephone, a big screen and large buttons that are easy to read will be better.  Alternatively a tablet computer  is easy to use with touch screen functionality, particularly if your senior has arthritis. Don’t forget to set up third-party methods of communication, such as the NEXUS Home Security Senior Medical Alert system that your senior can use to contact you and the response center in the event of a burglary, fire or medical emergency.
By following senior caregiver tips such as these, you can keep in touch with your senior loved one all day, giving you both a greater sense of security and more peace of mind.

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