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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Gift – A Senior Medical Alert Security System

As life progresses, the roles between children and parents evolve and change.  As some point in time your Mother or Dad, due to age or medical circumstances, will require more from you and your siblings.  It´s all part of getting older.  For this Mother´s Day, instead of flowers or dinner out, consider giving her a long lasting gift that will help her stay active, independent and secure with a Senior Medical Alert Security System.
Whether your Mother is a senior living alone, with medical or mobility issues, the Senior Medical Alert Security System will provide the both of you the peace of mind knowing that in the case of an emergency, whether burglary, fire or medical, there is immediate assistance 24 hours per day, every day.
Senior Medical Alert Security System Features
  • Burglary detection (doors, windows, motion detection)
  • Fire detection (Smoke and CO option)
  • Medical alert emergency assistance
  • Severe weather alert advisory
  • Easy to use and hand free communication (cellular intercom)
  • Emergency push-button control (waterproof pendent or wrist-band)
  • Five Diamond Certified Alarm Response Center, 24/7
  • Remote event alerts via text to smart-phone, tablet and PC
  • Remote system programming
  • Optional video monitoring
  • Optional home control automation (door locks, lighting, appliances)
  • Professional installation and training
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment
The Senior Medical Alert Security System will help you protect your Mom’s vulnerability while respecting her independence.  It will help keep her safe not only from bad people, but in the event of medical emergencies, assistance is available just a button away with the water-proof medical pendant control.  You can monitor remotely not only medical assistance but, break-ins and fire and carbon monoxide, wherever you are, at any time, via your smart-phone, tablet or PC.  And you help protect your Mom’s home more effectively than a trained watchdog, according to law enforcement and security professionals.
Give your Mother and yourself the gift of peace of mind this Mother’s Day, and for many more in the future.

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