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Senior Lifestyle and Home Security

Senior Lifestyle and Home Security

At any age, as you progress through life, your health, lifestyle and security needs change.  For seniors, whether living independently, with family or under supervised care, the quality of life reflects a variety of decisions they have made in the past (health, finance, family relationships, etc.) as well those in the future.   NEXUS Home Security suggests that you consider investing in a home security system to improve your personal safety and quality of life.  Your investment will provide you peace-of-mind, increased independence and confidence, while being easy-to-use, economical, reliable and fitting your life style.  Coupled with 24 hour monitoring response services for burglary, fire and medical emergency response, your home security system provides you with the flexibility to live life as you desire, wherever you happen to be.
If you live alone or do any type of traveling, then a home security system is a must as part of a personal safety plan.  You want to be able to access the home security system from wherever you are, at any moment in time.  With this in mind, it is time to get yourself a smart-phone if you don´t already have one.  Think of the smart-phone as a “personal safety control device”, rather than as a fancy telephone.  Why?  With your smart-phone you will be able to control your home security system with just the touch of a button, wherever you and your smart-phone happen to be at any moment.
Let´s use some examples of how you can control your home security system from your personal safety control device (smart-phone).  With the touch of a button you can:
  • Turn on (arm) and turn off (disarm) your home security system
  • Receive an alert text of a sensor being activated (door, window, cabinet)
  • Receive a text alert of a fire/CO emission and monitoring response center
  • Receive an alert text of a video motion sensor being activated
  • Review video of what generated the alert text (pet, housekeeper)
  • Review video from your security cameras in real-time
  • Open and close the electronic door locks to let someone in
  • Adjust the home electronic thermostat and lighting
  • Send an emergency call to the monitoring response center
  • Receive an alert text of a severe weather warning
Since your personal safety control device (smart-phone) goes wherever you go, you have control of your home security system while:
  • in bed
  • sitting in living room
  • driving the car
  • shopping at the supermarket
  • waiting at the doctor´s office
  • going for a bike ride
  • relaxing on a vacation trip
  • visiting the grandchildren
  • doing whatever you want to do
Are you computer “challenged” and are wary of being able to control your home security system?  Don´t be.  If you can use a microwave to heat up a cup of coffee, you´re set.  Whether using the two-button central control panel or via the smart-phone, the security system is designed to be easy to use.  For the smart-phone you can have someone help you download the free application software from the Internet and give you a basic tutorial, which is primarily point and click the screen.
To complement the home security system is the medical alert component. The Senior Medical Alert System provides a water proof pendant that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.  Any sort of medical emergency that might prevent you from getting to the central control panel or your smart-phone can still be handled by activating the pendant.  This results in the monitoring response center notifying emergency first responders.
For all of us, getting older is a part of life. And with age comes personal safety and security issues that affect that life.  NEXUS Home Security views this as a combination of prevention and response.  Your personal safety and quality of life will be enhanced if you take steps to prevent those safety threats that are preventable and invest in a home security system to enable rapid response when needed.  Use your years of acquired wisdom to be safe and secure in your home and wherever you happen to be.
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